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How do I determine what bike size I need?

The age-old question, isn’t it? There are many factors that go into bicycle sizing and fit, particularly for high-performance bikes. Without being able to measure you and see you on a bike, precise fit information is difficult to supply. It’s also not unusual for someone to be able to ride two different sizes depending on their goals, flexibility, and fit tolerance. That said, we have some fantastic retailers, and we’d encourage you to go start a conversation with them about what you want from your new bike. You can find the retailer closest to you on our Dealer Locator.


Today’s elite cyclists aren’t confined to a single discipline. We see road legends racing gravel events, cyclocross champs racing road events, triathletes tackling endurance FKTs. Bike racing is addictive and the boundaries between disciplines are increasingly blurred. So when Team Jumbo-Visma told us they wanted to race Olympic Cross-Country, it came as no surprise. “How long do we have?” was our only question… and the Z-Series project began.

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